Attraction That Could Most Use A Musical Score


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Ok, vote for the attraction you think could best use a musical score. Mine would have to be Dinosaur! or Test Track. I think some nice music during some of the tests could make the ride just wild! Like before the door where you are supposed to hit it to see if airbags work, you could put some of that Space Mountain (DLP) launch music where it gets faster and you launch. You could put it there and boom when you get to the door you could just use the part of the rest of that and you have a good soundtrack (with some cutting and pasting of course)...Ok, enough of my Imagineering, just vote. The WeirdOne :)


CTX - ahem.... I mean Dinosaur gets my vote.

Test Track is a definate no for me. TT is supposed to be recreating a testing facility, and they dont have dramatic scores as they do tests! :)

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