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Trip Report Artfully Dodged

Please sir, I want some more!

More trip reporting?

Ask, and Ye Olde Christmas Shop shall receive!

This is an actual PTR, so please refrain from aiming a blow at my head with your digital ladle.

Who: I'll tell you this, there will be dogs involved.

Where: Somewhere on the Broadwalk

When: Sooner than you think. Waaaay sooner than you think.


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I'll be finishing this report today (hopefully). Works been busy as schools are out for fall break and we have lots of dogs boarding. But here's some pics of Edith (ears up!) when I tortured her yesterday by dragging her around the play yard. Please everybody like this photo so I can move up on the charts of wdwmagic "most likes"!

Of course I'm joking. You don't need to like these. I'm not desperate to pass Martin like some members are. And I am NOT referring to Big T.

View attachment 744127

View attachment 744128
Love my Edith, so fierce beautiful and proud!!
Those ears💖


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Gotcha. I know that’s almost 2 months in, but it’s still way too early for a fall break in my book lol. Are they going year round yet in GA? They just started year round here in SC.
Not year round yet but more frequent breaks (week off in Sept, Nov, Feb, Apr; 2 weeks at Christmas; several long weekends) and summer vacation has been shortened to June & July.


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Edith is just getting more and more studious (and beautiful)! Love the pics!

That is a very different schedule compared to up here. I am not sure what I think🤔


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Day 6 Extendo continued

After 7 Dwarves Mine Train, it was time for a Rail Road, as in Big Thunder. The kennel at BTMRR is right at the exit of the ride. My only concern was for people baby talking and goo-goo-ga-ga'ing her as they walked by but the CM assured me she would not let it happen.


We got to wait on the other side of the loading area. Right in front of the control box. It was cool to see what's on it.


We had a great ride and Edith had fun with the CM.


It was time for a lunch break so we headed over to Disney's Polynesian Village Resort. Zeldas dad had been telling me that the hot wings at Captain Cooks were better than the nachos. I wasn't easily persuaded as we have some AMAZING hot wing places here in Georgia. But I gave em a whirl...


And just as I suspected....trash! Lol. Jk, they weren't bad but IMO the BBQ pineapple nachos blow the wings away. Not even a contest. And I'm not a fan of pickled anything but Zeldas dad enjoyed these


Zelda had been feeling better and was able to join us for lunch!




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Day 6 Extendo

After lunch, Edith and I caught the Monorail to Epcot to get back to BW

Her ears were up for the monorail ride. She liked to watch the doors open and close


Got some pics of the most non exciting attraction ever. The Moana walk through.


Of course we stopped in the land of bagged milk and had a beer in honor of @amjt660


There was a man taking pictures of his girlfriend as she posed in the candid fashion of just starring off into space. Edith was perplexed. I've seen it before but it never gets easier to understand

They cleared some of the bushes in the dog relief area in England Pavilion. Edith sniffed a lot but was to boogie to actually pee


She prefers to pee next to the old ESPN Zone where it's private.


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I am sorry if this is a stupid question but after all the time you spent with Zelda, does she get excited to see you?? It has to be hard to form a bond and then let go!
Oh she definitely gets excited. As do I. When we first met up with Zelda on this trip, her mom was shocked at how excited Zelda got when she saw Edith and I.

And we definitely form a bond with the dogs, especially the service dogs that stay with us longer. But it's so rewarding to see them go home with their family's and have a better relationship and help them.

One of the master trainers I learned from years ago taught me a secret. The dogs we train learn from us and become attached to us for life. They eseentialy become our dogs, they just go live with other people once they graduate. Such as Zelda. She's MY dog. She just lives in Chicago with other people😉😁
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I love seeing all these dog updates!!! Glad Zelda is feeling better. Edith is truly a beautiful dog!
Here's a peek at some of the younger pups in training today.



And below is Bailey. My current service dog in training. He is a 7 month old Labrador. He'll be assisting a young boy with a visual impairment. And you may just see him on my next Disney work trip 😁



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Saturday Extendo continued

We got back to the room and showered up and got some rest then headed back out to HS

Quick stop at Baseline

Then over to RoTR. This time I wasn't noticed by security when I snuck in the back entrance!


It's pretty cool how they just send you down the hall and you walk in a back door entrance without a CM. There's really nowhere for you to go but towards the loading area but it's fun to see it from a different area.

Edith had Shirley status in the bathroom


Amd I was able to get a pic with the Falcon but no ears up


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