Trip Report Artfully Dodged

Please sir, I want some more!

More trip reporting?

Ask, and Ye Olde Christmas Shop shall receive!

This is an actual PTR, so please refrain from aiming a blow at my head with your digital ladle.

Who: I'll tell you this, there will be dogs involved.

Where: Somewhere on the Broadwalk

When: Sooner than you think. Waaaay sooner than you think.


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Let's do this!

Announces Last Call GIF


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Here's a sneak peek at who will be travelling with me...


Her name is Edith. She's a Belgian Malinois. She's one of my personal working dogs. Her public access training has been completed but WDW offers a wonderous variety of training environments you just can't find in many places and it will definitely benefit her training.


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Dogs?! I'm in. Any news on Zelda? She was amazing in your last report.
Zelda will be there as well! She's been doing awesome back home the last few months with her young charge. Her family arrived earlier today. They sent a few pics. Zeldas dad isn't exactly @fractal with the camera, so pardon the quality lol

heres a pic them on the flight down


Just got an update from Captain Cooks at the Polynesian


For those who met Zelda or saw her pics, you can definitely see that her coat has grown back a bit!

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