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Ariel's new look!


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I agree she definitely needs something in her hair. A dinglehopper or a smaller starfish with more sparkle . I showed my 4 1/2 year old the "new" Ariel pictures and she knew right away who she was :).


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God bless the "Ignore" button.
Bingo. It's not like these girls get to pick the role they appear in, they are placed in one
I actually know some girls who refused to get fitted for certain characters, just because they didn't feel they could represent them well. I have respect for that decision.
But, absolutely, ultimately it falls on Casting's shoulders, not the girls'.

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I just wanna say we get our fair share of pretty people as well.

and some really talented performers

I just wouldn't limit pretty to being a Disneyland attribute only.For the most part our face characters are great.

"Disneyland, again. The actress is pretty"... Sorry if you weren't referring to that

I wasn't saying Disneyland always gets good looking people and WDW doesn't. I was just pointing out the location in the photo (I recognized it instantly) and said the actress was pretty, since some people here were talking about how some of the actresses don't look the part, aren't pretty, etc.


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Not referencing this particular situation (it's been covered and dealt with), but there is no reason to insult a girl just because you don't think she looks like a friggin' cartoon character.

It wasn't an insult and no one was picking on the girl. It was commentary on the show out on by the company. 'Why' or 'who' is to blame is irrelevant to the comment made.

Monkee Girl

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Great pictures Jose. I love when you get to see the full dress. 2 comments: First, The puffy sleeves need to go. I am almost distracted by them. Second, Is her skirt supposed to flare out like that on purpose? Or is it because she is walking? It looks odd in the picture.


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I thought in the first picture that the sheer sleeves did not match at all. But the daylight pictures look better. Maybe it was the lighting.

I'm underwhelmed by the hair. Ariel is supposed to have gigantic, swept-over Princess Di bangs. I think her bangs in the film are bigger than her face. They can't be duplicated in a real world situation, thus the starfish. I am going to miss the starfish.

I always wonder if being a friend of Grotto Ariel is like a promotion over being a friend of say, Veranda or Akershus Ariel. Because Grotto Ariel's characterization is always perfection. Characterization is everything. Friends of Princess Tiana are also consistently amazing. (I take my daughter to lots and lots of princesses...)

I am not a DL person but I don't think the interest in Spieling's wedding is stalkerish. How often do Peter and Wendy get married? It's adorableness. Like Russi Taylor and dearly missed Wayne Allwine.

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