Are you looking forward to the Spaceship Earth refurb?

Are you looking forward to the Spaceship Earth refurb?

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Kate F

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I’m withholding judgment until I see the result. I’m not particularly excited or anxious about it, although I will be glad to have the current ending gone.

The Empress Lilly

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I am of the small minority who likes current SSE. :)

After the paperboy the ride somewhat loses steam (see what I did there?), but overall I appreciate what they went for. I even like making my little videos.

Current SSE with its fixation on the World Wide Web, on which it hung an entire understanding of history, felt a bit outdated within five years with the rise of smartphones. But I have little confidence in current WDW. Actually scrap that, I have complete confidence in their ability, their ability to ruin everything.

SSE with Disney Storylight? Hmmm.... No thanks. Whenever rides are based on a gimmick they tend to fall flat. Storylight SSE made the cut because it is a pitch made for Bob Chapek: 'Storytelling + Technology = Magic'. A characterless phrase that has nevertheless been Bob's ticket to rise through the ranks as 'the tech guy who moves Disney forward'.


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I’m looking forward to it. I enjoy the the current version as it holds a lot of nostalgic sights, but I also don’t care for the new ending, and would love to see what could replace that.


There's so much more they could do at the top of the dome and all through the descent, but I pray they will leave well enough alone up until that.

Oh, one exception: restore the animated projection of the horse and driver along the Roman road. That was such a good touch, and its removal has been driving me crazy for years. Bring back the chariot!

More comfortable cars without touchscreens would be cool. "Storylight"? No thanks.


I look forward to an update. Like others have said the current version holds fond memories it's time to move forward and breathe some new life into the attraction.


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I voted Yes, because it could use some work... but I like whats there and am hesitant to say yes only because a lot of times when Disney comes in to refurb and redesign they take out the things I truly like about something and replace it with their idea of new and improved... which may be new but certainly not improved IMHO.


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I like the current version but totally agree with above posters about current ending--totally stinks!! I also admit that my back is not a fan about the backwards descent at the end--it may be because of the stupid ending and we're all trying to mess around on that stupid touch screen! 😉


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I ride SSE every time I go, because to me it's always nice to sit through. I'm very excited for a refresh on the ride.

V/N McQueen

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In the Parks
Wait I thought they shortened the refurb time to just a month or so? And that at this point it was cancelled?


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I'd much rather see an update of the ride scenes, new narration and do something with the top and descent that's been missing since the last refurb.
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