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Are you buying Genie+

Will you buy Genie+

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When ticket books were replaced with one and multi-day "passports", that ended the then long standing process of paying per-ride. You paid more to get into the park, but now could go on rides as many times as you could within a day's visit.

When FASTPASS was introduced in 1999, part of its selling point was that it was a free service. It was meant to indirectly get you to spend money on other things elsewhere, but the line skipping program itself was not. Other parks may have charged for a similar service, but part of the "Disney difference" was that their version was free.

Now he we are decades later, with significantly inflated ticket prices, including variable pricing, and they want us to pay MORE on top of that to go on the rides?

No. I am not paying extra to go on rides that have been there for years that Disney can no longer properly staff or maintain.

I've never paid for a similar service. The only time I had Universal Express was when I've stayed at one of their Deluxe hotels.

I'd honestly rather they expand After Hours or VIP services than this.


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I'd want to wait to see how the whole thing works out before I would vote. However, I have to admit that Chapik & Co.'s nickel & diming is getting old really fast. Messrs Disney are probably spinning right about now.

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