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Are these rides better in WDW or DL?


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1. Haunted Mansion - While I love the addition of Hat Box Ghost, I like overall vibe of WDW's better. Oh...and we did not care for the holiday version.
2. Splash Mountain - I actually like DL's better...maybe because it never stopped or broke down
3. Pirates - DEFINITELY DL, but I missed WDW's queue
4. Toy Story Mania - didn't ride it at DL, but passed by...and from facade...tie
5. Tower of Terror - definitely WDW
6. Big Thunder Mountain - I think once the dynamite scene is added to WDW's - I'll give the nod to WDW. The views from WDW's just make it a better experience for me
7. Buzz Lightyear- tie
8. Small World- Definitely DL's
9. Peter Pan- Didn't ride DL's, but I'd give it a slight nod since the facade is so much nicer
10. Teacups- I thought I'd prefer the open air setting at DL, but I didn't. So, WDW for me.

George Lucas on a Bench

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I actually prefer classic HM at DL to WDW. The lack of HMH is something WDW has going for it. As much as I love the exterior at WDW, I kinda loved DL's more from the moment I first saw it in the DL Sing Along video. The walkthrough changing portrait hallway in DL's is my favorite place in any Disney park and WDW has nothing like it, despite the addition of the miniature ride-through version, which sadly replaced a classic unique scene. That's another thing. The alterations to WDW's really bug me. DL's is more intact and while it doesn't have the slightly longer ride, it doesn't need it.


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Just my opinions:
1. Haunted Mansion - WDW
2. Splash Mountain - I've only ridden this at WDW, so I'll abstain on this one.
3. Pirates - DL, no question.
4. Toy Story Mania - I prefer the WDW version as the queue is indoors. Most folks also say that the line is much shorter in DL. When I visited a couple of years ago, the line was over an hour on a Monday in May & it wasn't Memorial Day.
5. Tower of Terror - I haven't ridden this as I'm terrified of heights, but my husband has ridden both versions. He likes the WDW version better.
6. Big Thunder Mountain Again, I've only ridden this one at WDW. DL's was being refurbished when I vivisted.
7. Buzz Lightyear - DL. I like that the guns aren't mounted.
8. Small World - DL
9. Peter Pan - These were about the same to me.
10. Teacups - I prefer the open air setting at DL, but I can see why it wouldn't work in FL.


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I think the general consensus of what I've read over the years is:

1. Haunted Mansion - toss up (some people like the HBG addition, while others like the vibe of WDW's attraction...HMH is another polarizing issue).
2. Splash Mountain - WDW
3. Pirates - DLR
4. Toy Story - WDW
5. Tower of Terror - WDW
6. Big Thunder Mountain - DLR
7. Buzz Lightyear - DLR (the unmounted guns are a huge plus)
8. Small World - DLR
9. Peter Pan - toss up (WDW has a better queue, DLR has the added effects)
10. Teacups - toss up


Keep Moving Forward
1. Haunted Mansion - Outside DL/ Inside WDW
2. Splash Mountain - Toss up
3. Pirates - DL!!!!!!!
4. Toy Story Mania - Toss Up
5. Tower of Terror - WDW
6. Big Thunder Mountain - DL has that new cool ending
7. Buzz Lightyear - DL has the better guns and figures
8. Small World - DL - Holiday makes it even better!
9. Peter Pan - Outside DL hands down, inside - toss up
10. Teacups- DL at night is pure magic!


Well-Known Member
1. Haunted Mansion-Leaning more towards WDW but we can call it a tie
2. Splash Mountain-WDW
3. Pirates-DL
4. Toy Story Mania-Tie
5. Tower of Terror-WDW I really like how the elevator moves forward into the shaft
6. Big Thunder Mountain-DL
7. Buzz Lightyear-WDW
8. Small World-DL
9. Peter Pan-DL
10. Teacups-DL

Chef Kronk

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What makes PoTC at DL so much better than at WDW? I've never been to DL, just wondering what the big differences/improvements are.


New Member
1. Haunted Mansion - DLR (because of the differing ride experiences available depending on the time of year you ride it)
2. Splash Mountain - WDW (like the seating better, but similar ride experience)
3. Pirates -DLR (more drops, longer ride and beginning in Blue Bayou makes it more interesting)
4. Toy Story Mania - WDW (because of availability of FP option which is not available at DLR)
5. Tower of Terror - WDW (longer ride and has the added part where the elevator goes forward on the track)
6. Big Thunder Mountain - tie (didn't really notice a difference between the two)
7. Buzz Lightyear - DLR (much more freedom of movement with the guns greatly enhances ride experience)
8. Small World - DLR (better facade (which is incorporated into beginning/ending of ride) and, like Haunted Mansion, has a difference ride experience depending on the time of year you ride it unlike at WDW which is the same exact ride every time)
9. Peter Pan - WDW (because of availability of FP option which is not available at DLR)
10. Teacups - DLR (feels like a bumper car atmosphere at WDW while the outdoor experience at DLR enhances the ride...especially at night with the multi-colored lanterns all lit up)


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What makes PoTC at DL so much better than at WDW? I've never been to DL, just wondering what the big differences/improvements are.

When they built Pirates at DL, they didn't have the room within the park to build the ride. So they had to go underground, under the railway, to the main show building OUTSIDE of the park. So you have a couple of very cool drops. The first one drops you into an area that's just rockwork, waterfalls, and the Yo-ho song. Then they drop you again, into the main ride. And then, at the end, they have to lift you back up to ground level to unload you. The sequence of the ride is just so much better than the WDW version. There are scenes that you don't see in Florida. The ride is longer, and ultimately much more satisfying than at the MK.


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I think DL Buzz has the better blasters. I like that they have more movement.
Pirates is better in DL, it's longer.
DL TOT freaks me out with the 2 level loading area lol. I know the WDW TOT building very well so maybe that's it.


Well-Known Member
My opinion.
1. Haunted Mansion: I've only ever seen the Christmas version at DLR which is awesome, but I can't compare the regular one.
2. Splash Mountain: I haven't been on this at DLR in 10 years, but I remember preferring WDW's.
3. Pirates: DLR. Easy.
4. Toy Story Mania: No difference for me.
5. Tower of Terror: WDW.
6. Big Thunder Mountain: Didn't notice any dramatic differences.
7. Buzz Lightyear: DLR just because the guns are easier to use.
8. Small World: DLR, just because I like how they incorporated dolls of Disney characters.
9. Peter Pan: Haven't been on DLR's.
10. Teacups: No difference for me.


Well-Known Member
1. Haunted Mansion
2. Splash Mountain
3. Pirates
4. Toy Story Mania
5. Tower of Terror
6. Big Thunder Mountain
7. Buzz Lightyear
8. Small World
9. Peter Pan
10. Teacups

Here is my take, having just come back from DL a few weeks ago.

1 - about the same
2 - no opinion as didn't ride (don't like to get wet)
3 - definitely better at DL
4 - the same
5 - better at DL
6 - definitely better at DL
7 - like WDW version better
8 - definitely better at DL (especially at Christmas with Small World Holiday makeover)
9 - no opinion, didn't ride
10 - no opinion, didn't ride (don't like the spinning)

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