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Are These Attractions Better at Day or Night Part 2

Are These Attractions Better at Day or Night?

  • Casey Jr. - DAY

  • Casey Jr. - NIGHT

  • Disneyland Railroad - DAY

  • Disneyland Railroad - NIGHT

  • Jungle Cruise - DAY

  • Jungle Cruise - NIGHT

  • Mad Tea Party - DAY

  • Mad Tea Party - NIGHT

  • Mark Twain - DAY

  • Mark Twain - NIGHT

Results are only viewable after voting.


Well-Known Member
Original Poster
Casey Jr. and Mark Twain were tough for me. Especially Casey Jr. - that one was like 50/50 for me but I went with Day.

Figments Friend

Well-Known Member
DLRR is one that needs to be experienced both during the day and during the evening.
Ditto for 'Jungle Cruise'.
Lots to see clearly during the day, but night time lighting adds a lot of additional elements missing during the day.

I voted 'night' for the 'Mad Tea Party' ( great light show ) and Casey Jr. ( ambiant lighting adds appeal ).
Those two I'd say are best to see in the evening.
Ditto for 'Dumbo The Flying Elephant'.
There is something truly beautiful to experience seeing Disneyland's Fantasyland alight at night time.



Practical Pig

Well-Known Member
I went with night for the Mark Twain because I had waffled and voted both day and night for Jungle Cruise and the DLRR, and I love the MT at night and have so rarely Been able to experience it. But daytime is really just as strong.

I've never experienced the Mad Tea Party, so n/a.

I totally agree with @Figments Friend about the DLRR and Jungle Cruise (my interpretation) needing both day and night trips for a complete experience.


Well-Known Member
There's lots to be said for the Disneyland Railroad both day and night, but since the retracking I really have enjoyed riding through Frontierland during the day.


Well-Known Member
CASEY- Night. very fun at night,

Railroad- Night. I love riding the train all the way around at night at the end of the day when my feet hurt and i wana sit and relax.

Jungle Cruise- Is fantastic day or night but last time I went i went on it at night for the first time and I had a blast and the script is different in some areas. so night is now my favorite way to ride it. plus at night its a walk on.

Tea Cups- only have ever ridden during the day so can't comparte to night.

Mark Twain- never been on it sadly. always wanted to but no one will ride with me.


Well-Known Member
I think twilight is the best time for the Railroad and Mark Twain. Just a tad bit of darkness creeping in but enough light to enjoy all the details you see along the way. That being said, I have enjoyed many evening rides on both. The only one I chose at night was the teacups.


Well-Known Member
I would add other lazy type rides best at night would be the people mover, while nice during the day. At night with all the lighting makes the ambience much sweeter. Not to mention the ability to catch the fireworks while on the ride.
If only Disneyland still had one.

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