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Are Frogg Toggs worth it?


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We're going to WDW in a few weeks and it will be hot. Anyone with experience with Frogg Togg towels to stay cool?
Are they worth buying and bringing?


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Don't know yet. But based on recommendations I have seen numerous times on these boards, I just bought a bunch. My DH, who is an avid golfer, has one and says many golfers use them a lot to keep cool. But, I personally have not yet used one. For $12 though, I thought it was worth the risk (well, $12 + I got a discount code for 30% + I got free shipping, so it's more like $9-10).
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Family B

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We love our Frogg Togg Towels at Disney. We started with just one, but the kids where fighting over them, so we have bought additional. They can be re-wet during the day to re-activate the cooling. They also aren't drippy like a wet towel. I don't like being hot at all, and these really help a great deal.
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Yup...use them all the time and they are great. They come in lots of cool colors and sizes. They can also be cut for individual needs. I use one for around my neck while walking around the parks....quick cooling. Enjoy your trip and I hope it is Magical! :cat:
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I like mine. It's like carrying a wet towel, but it retains it's moisture and doesn't get your neck or clothes wet like a regular towel. Their washable too, so just rinse it with some soap to get the BO off.
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