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Are Disney Pins from Target, BoxLunch, etc tradeable in the Parks?


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Hi there,

The other day I was at Target and I saw two sets of pins, a set themed around Mickey Mouse and a Set themed around Minnie Mouse in the new Mickey section of the store. If I were to buy these pins, could I trade them in the parks? Thanks.


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Generally speaking, yes. As long as the pin is hard metal enamel, and looks suitably "Disney", it's good to trade.

If it's plastic, obviously non-Disney ( Bugs Bunny, or a generic American Flag, for example) or appears blatantly counterfeit, you might have a cast member that objects to the trade, but it's rare to run into a cast member that can tell whether a pin is from Disney or not and even less common to find one that actually cares.

Two things they've instituted for pin trading to be on the lookout are a small silver Mickey emblem on the front of the pin and a Mickey ear pattern on the reverse. If your Target pins lack both of these you might run into opposition but probably not.
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