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April 11, 2019. Investor day


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Well. The Fox merger is almost complete and Disney is having an investor day presentation on April 11. I have to believe the merger will be complete by then and this is the day we learn the date of Disney+ start and pricing. I am hoping for a bundled price for Huly and Disney+. I do not care that much about ESPN+ but if they don't offer a discount on a package of the 2 services I want, they should throw in ESPN+ for free.

Now, for the discussion. How much do you think they will charge? Will it include all the old movies at first or will they roll out the full library over months? How many new shows will be ready at launch? How many people will sign up at launch and how long will it take for them to reach 10 million subscribers? 25 million? 50 million?

I am hoping for an initial price of 9.99 for the Disney+ and 14.99 for a package with regular Hulu and 54.99 with Hulu, ESPN+ and live TV. I want nothing more than to eliminate my cable providers and have pure 5G service. In the meantime I would like to just pay for high speed internet at my homes and one package of video service and use my call phones. No landlines or Cable TV pages at my homes and eventually only need my wireless internet provider. The future is almost hear and I will no longer have to duplicate services and pay twice for what I want. Also, think of your TV at WDW or anywhere else, you could watch your local TV news while on vacation streaming your programming from your cell phone to the TV in your room.

As for subscribers I believe they will have 10 million within 3 months of launch and 25 million within a year. It may take another year to reach 50 million depending on the international rollout.

The Moles Family

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I think they'll hit 10 million before the end of the year.

I have a feeling they will include all the Animated classic films and pretty much all the TV Chanel stuff, recent live action movies of the last 5 years or so.

My biggest fear is that they will stay away from all the old live action movies like Apple Dumpling gang, Mighty Ducks etc.

Also, all the old chartoon shorts from over the years, there are hundreds and hundreds which people want to see but Disney has only released them previously in the DVD Treasure sets which doesn't give me hope to them being on this service too. Maybe social media pressure and demand would get them added?

For pricing I think ther Disney service will have multiple tiers. I reckon there will be a One device option for $5 a month which will be for mobile devices only and then $9.99 for the standard tier which covered multiple devices.

I pay $8 for the ad supported Hulu. $5 for ESPN and with the Disney plus $10 I expect $15 for the 3 services or $20 for it with Hulu being ad free?

Being in the UK, I'm very new to these services so I'm really guessing here


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It's pretty funny that the sum total of everyone's a la carte services are going to be just as much as, if not more than, the bundles everyone hated in the first place.
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