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AOA - Room Question


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This is probably a more generic question than just Art of Animation, but that's where I am staying in December.

I am staying at the Little Mermaid section, and I know it's kind of bit away from the central hub of the resort. I have weird joint issues that flare up from time to time (especially in my ankles and knees) if I am on my feet for extended periods (such as being in a theme park all day) and I was wondering if when I arrive I can ask to be placed in a Little Mermaid room closest to the central hub (next to Lion King, I assume), or if that's something I should do in advance? I mean, it's not a medical issue that I have a doctor's not for or anything so I am not looking for anything more than a little bit less of a walk.


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I definitely have them put a note on your reservation NOW and reiterate the request at check in. If you request building 7 or 9 closest to LK section you should be good


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I just left AoA staying in Cars. I made the walk out to LM to check out the decor. This place is a long walk from the main building. I think the walk across the bridge to POP was shorter. They should put a bus stop out there.

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