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Anyone there right now?


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So is anyone there right now and what are you going to do during the storm?

Or has anyone been there previously during a bad storm?


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we were there back in 2005-06 (forgot the year) & had a tail end of a hurricane. lot of rain & we stayed in our room at ASM.
later in the day, approx 3-4pm, they opened the parks for resort guests only. must've been half empty that day.
Was at Animal Kingdom Lodge during Hurricane Matthew in 2016. It was chaotic but Disney made the most of it. It was like they had a huge hurricane party in the lobby!


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As mentioned before JenniferS here on WDWMagic has been posting updates in her Trip Report from the Coronado Springs resort as well as Youtuber Get Binky are there and have post videos on the happenings of Irmas impact on Walt Disney World from their resort Port Orleans Riverside.


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When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. I ended up extending my trip to avoid going back to the Tampa area. I'm over at Kidani Village, the cast members over here have been awesome! Hoping to be able to enjoy 1 last day of Disney on Tuesday before going back home but we shall see. It's getting pretty windy over here now.