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Anyone stay at the Polynesian for their honeymoon?


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I just got engaged to my bf on our December '06 trip to Disney. He planned the whole thing out and even had stitch in on it! Our engagement took place at Best Friends Breakfast at Ohanas in the Polynesian Resort! I absolutely loved ohanas and the resort itself, I am just wondering has anyone stayed at the polynesian for their honeymoon, if you did, how was it?

Thanks, Tink


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My wife and I stayed there for our honeymoon this past July and it was great. It was over the July 4th holiday. They gave us a "castle view" room and we were able to watch the fireworks from our balcony. Also, about 15 minutes after we checked in, they dropped off a card from Mickey and Minnie congratulating us. And on top of that we got a phone message from Mickey and Minnie too. And beside all the special extras, the Polynesian was just a romantic resort for the two of us. The setting, as I'm sure you know, is gorgeous. I highly recommend the Polynesian for your honeymoon stay. Oh, and congratulations!:animwink:


We just got married on 12/16/06 (see link below for details). Our first choice was Poly, as we have stayed there in the past and it gives you that tropical romantic feeling in the middle of WDW. But we wanted a huge suite so we anded up at the V.P suite at the Contemporary. But I would look into a concierge room with a MK view.

Our wedding: http://forums.wdwmagic.com/showthread.php?t=115611&page=2

See Tikimans website for all the details you would ever want about Poly, congrats and good luck.


We did this past August for both the wedding site and the honeymoon. They were so wonderful with us. We got a Castle View, a picture from Mickey and Minnie, wonderful treatment and the most romantic time.

Seriously, this is THE place to go for a honeymoon. We took the boat back and forth from the MK. We walked to the GF. It was amazing.

And, as an extra special treat, the morning of the wedding I stayed with my mother at the GF. We went to take the launch back over to the Polynesian so we could get ready. I had my hair already done and was ready to get dressed. When we got to the launch, the boat pulling up was a training boat only--no Poly service. When I nicely told them it was my wedding day, they pulled up the ropes, welcomed my mother and I aboard and announced to supervisors that "We have a bride here! Next stop, Polynesian!" It was s sweet that they went out of their way to treat me like a princess!
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