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Anyone see NBC's Elvis anniversary special to his '68 comeback show?


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I wondered what you all thought of Sunday night's NBC special commemorating the 50th anniversary of the ‘68 comeback special. I liked most of what they did. I thought recreating the setting of the boxing ring approach worked really well.

I also liked most of the performances. They have respect for what they were doing. They focused mostly on the songs and styles that were featured in the original special, and most of the modern performers seemed to really get it. Keith Urban did a great job, as did John Legend and Darius Rucker. Overall most everyone did, I think, except Jennifer Lopez, who went over the line, I think, with her act.

I liked the gospel numbers, but would have liked the Imperials or someone like that backing Carrie. Yolanda was perfect.

Also loved seeing Mac Davis. He was responsible for some of Elvis' big numbers at the time, and is a fun act in himself. (Remember "It's Hard to Humble"?)

The only thing, besides JLo's performance (which was just trashy), that kind of disappointed me was the guitar pull jam session. While reported not to have been rehearsed, it still seemed a little forced for them. Perhaps they should have sat down and let the cameras roll longer, like they did for Elvis to become looser in the original. I also think they should have mentioned the original band members. They really helped create the magic of the original— that Elvis was jamming again with his old buddies.

If you missed it, I understand it is on Hulu and NBC streaming apps. Overall a great show I thought, and well worth watching in surround sound.


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Sorry I missed it - sounds like it was a good show!
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