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Anyone here work for Discovery Channel?


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I'm not sure but I thought I remember someone saying they worked for the Discovery Channel. I was just wondering if you knew the next time they are going to re-show all the Disney shows on the Travel Channel (Discovery/Travel are owned by the same company right?).



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Check out #disney-central on mIRC. Almost every single show related to disney is on there!

so far i've seen:
Disneyland Paris
DisneySeas Tokyo
Backstage Disney
Grand Floridian
Wilderness Lodge
Yacht & Beach
Disney Cruiseline
Animal Kingdom
and some others.


It's HarmonioUS, NOT HarmoniYOU.
Yes, Discovery Communications also owns the Travel Channel...

The person you are talking about does not work in programming; So, I don’t think he/she would have access to the upcoming air schedules. :) :wave:

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