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Anyone else just disgusted over Disney Legends picks?


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This year's were a joke especially. The only two people that really deserved it are James Earl Jones and Hans Zimmer. Here's what my list would have been. Some of these, I think you'll be surprised that they haven't been inducted yet.

Jim Cummings (voice of Pete, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Darkwing Duck, Illuminations: RoE Narrator, Cheshire Cat, plus hundreds more)

Michael Giacchino (Composer of the Music of The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Up, Cars 2, Toy Story of Terror, Toy Story that Time Forgot, Tomorrowland, Inside Out, Zootopia, Rouge One: A Star Wars Story, Coco, Incredibles 2)

Joe Rhode (imagineer)

Tress MacNeille (Voice of Daisy Duck, Chip, Gadget Hackwrench)

Ellen DeGeneres (Voice of Dory, and for her work on Ellen's Energy Adventure)

Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee (directors of Frozen)

Byron Howard (Director of Bolt, Tangled, Zootopia)

Alan Young (Scrooge McDuck)

Frank Welker (Voice of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit but mostly known for making animal sounds, voice of, Rajah, Abu, Cave of Wonders, Toby[Great Mouse Detective], Pegasus[Hercules], Cerberus[Hercules], Cri-Kee[Mulan], and just hundreds more)

Corey Burton (Voice of Tram spiel, Current voice of ghost host, Captain Hook, Mad Hatter, Yen Sid, Count Dooku [Star Wars is Disney now, right?], Dale, Voices on PotC, Gaetan Moliere, and literally hundreds more)

Jess Harnell (Voice of Br'er Rabbit and Br'er Fox on Splash Mountain)


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* Tetsuya Nomura (KH Creator)
* Dave Goelz (Gonzo, Figment)
* Greg Weisman (Gargoyles creator)


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There are many, MANY people who should be on the list, but two ones that I personally keep hoping for are Tom Hanks (voicing Woody in the "Toy Story" movies, appearing in "Splash" (the first Touchstone movie) and playing Walt Disney himself in "Saving Mr. Banks") and Frank Oz (Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Sam the Eagle and Animal in the Muppets universe and Yoda in the Star Wars universe).
I'm kind of disgusted by this year's picks.

JUST ANNOUNCED: D23 Expo to Kick off With Epic Opening Ceremony That Includes Disney Legends Awards

The people Yert3 mentioned were not honored this year. It especially disappoints me that the company won't give Jim Cummings, Tress MacNeille, Corey Burton, Alan Young, and Frank Welker awards. They all deserve it more than the majority of people on this list. Frozen has only been around for 9 years, but the people Yert3 mentioned have been working for the company longer than the cast of that film has.

Beacon Joe

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The annoying snowman guy is a somehow a Disney Legend? And a handful of nobody actors on non-Disney TV shows? I guess that's Chapek synergy at work or something.

But Leroy Schmaltz, the man single-handedly responsible for some of the most iconic artwork, decor, and overall placemaking at Disney parks and resorts around the world - didn't even make the list, even in the year he passed away? At least five of EPCOT's country pavilions use his work and carvings to set the stage. Every Adventureland gate across all parks features his carvings. He's had more of a lasting impact on Disney and had more effect actually shaping the Disney experience than most of those people.

Coltrin, Foster, Hahn, and Hardoon seem to be the only people worthy of being honored this year.
This is same for every Disney Legends pick. Everyone gets upset then we all forget until next expo.

I know, but this year's picks really bother me. Ellen Pompeo does a show that is on a network owned by Disney, but it doesn't mean that her show, Grey's Anatomy, is an iconic Disney property. Idina Menzel getting it doesn't bother me as much since she was also in Enchanted and will be returning for the sequel. I believe she also did a guest spot on Hercules the Animated Series. I know Patrick Dempsey did Enchanted also and will also be back for the sequel, but none of his other films distributed other under Disney Studios banners have truly left a legacy. The same thing can be said about his part on Grey's Anatomy like Ellem Pompeo.
The people who choose the awards aren’t the people you’d expect to be able to do so anymore.

That's a good point. In 2008, 2009, and 2011 they honored iconic voice actors who truly deserved it. In 2013, I believed that Billy Crystal and John Goodman deserved theirs because they gave excellent performances in the Monsters Inc. films. Goodman also worked on other fan-favorite Disney animated films. That same year, they also did the right thing by honoring the late Ed Wynn. I think beginning in 2015 they really started to give it to popular actors. Ming-Na Wen getting one in 2019 was good because she should've received it in 2011 with the other Disney Princess voice actresses and I wasn't at all bothered by James Earl Jones getting one either for his brilliant voice work in The Lion King and Star Wars franchises.


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I think it's only appropriate Don Dorsey gets in, especially as Ron would have wanted that. Deserves it for all he's done for Epcot and the other parks in terms of entertainment.

Brer Panther

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The fact that Anthony Anderson has been named a Disney Legend before Corey Burton really annoys me.

It's clearly because Corey's not a celebrity.

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