Anyone else choosing to drive these days?


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We always drive everywhere when time is not a factor. We used to fly, but the sheer convenience of taking anything and everything as well as making your own schedule has won out for the last 10 years. It is a 6 and a 6-and-a-half-hour drive from middle Georgia to WDW and these days the time involved is a horizontal wash being roughly equal in time with flying.


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We’re leaving next week for our 12 day Disney stay at POFQ. We decided last week to do the Autotrain both ways for the first time. We enjoy the option of having our vehicle with us. When we drive down, we’ll typically take extra days to visit other cities like Charleston, Savannah, and St. Augustine. We like taking the Autotrain home because we’re usually exhausted from all of the FUN.
FQ is a great resort. hope you enjoy.


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We drive down often from central NY with a travel trailer. We stop once of twice on the way down and camp for a couple days. We are retired and have no need to rush. We camp at Fort Wilderness when we get to Disney. If we fly down we often stay in one of the cabins.


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With how crazy flying has been lately I'm glad my sister and I are driving in a couple weeks especially because my airport has construction going on and apparently it has caused more headaches than usual.

We're from the Buffalo NY area and some people think we are nuts for driving but we grew up driving so its not really that big of a deal to do when we have the time to do it.

Just wondering if anyone else has decided driving may be easier than flying these days?

Nope. We live in Austin, Texas. If we chose to drive for a week-long vacation, we’d probably be able to spend only one day, two days tops, at Wally World…!!! ;)
As it is, we’re flyin’ out Tuesday mornin’ for a family WDW trip with our two granddaughters…!!!!! :inlove::happy:


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we stayed there the last few years & we’re booked for this month but we took advantage of a discount offer & upgraded to the yacht club. we still plan to hit up FQ for the beignets 😋
We made this trip somewhat spontaneously so we weren’t able to snag the AP discount. You scored big time with the Yacht Club!!! Nice! We’ve been fortunate in the past with the AP discount at the Deluxe resorts. Our “Dream” would be the Poly, but those rezzies are EXTREMELY difficult to snag.


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I'm from SC, so we almost always fly. The one time I flew last year (had two companion tickets to use), it took us 6 hours longer to get there than it would have taken to drive. With all of the delays, our 5 hour flight day turned to 13.

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