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Anyone dislike the volggers content?


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What you should take into account is that the Trackers aren't just getting views on their latest videos, but also their vast back catalog. If you search youtube for say 'Cowfish' or 'Halloween Horror Nights', you generally find the Trackers in the first few recommendations. I'd guess this helps get their old videos viewed a lot and in fairness they do a decent job for the average person who doesn't know them and wants some family friendly advice on certain restaurants or special events.
From my standpoint...they’re doing fine in Orlando (where you don’t strike it rich...minimum wage megaopolis)...good deal for them.
The $2 to $4 per thousand would be after YouTube's cut.
That seems like a pretty good deal to me to...you know...not have to actually produce anything that’s sold/necessary/vital...
I would guess many are friends with CMs and other insiders who get wind of when soft openings or other previews might be happening. Invites too, like you said. Know the right people.
Not much “insider” info there

unmitigated disaster

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That's not how write offs work. They can deduct 10k in income per year as write offs.

YouTube also takes 45%. So by your numbers they're making about 145k pre YouTube cut, or $80,000. Then taxes of around 30% takes that down to $56,000.

Even at $1,250 per day, after YouTubes cut, taxes, etc they're probably pulling in 125k-160k which really isn't that much. I can't even imagine living my life in front of a camera filming 5 days a week, day and night and on the computer editing videos. But to each their own.

Speaking more generally, remember that one of the draws that vloggers and other social media personalities use is the perception that they're living the high life
You are massively out of touch if you think 125K a year "isn't much".

Angel Ariel

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This was a really hard year with DD, and once we discovered people live-streaming from the parks, we started doing a costume Friday. She’d wear one of her costumes to virtual school, and after school we’d cuddle up, watch some ridethroughs of her favorite rides (usually mad tea party - videos from DLR, where Alice was riding with a family), and find a live stream. It’s been a nice way to relax and get some feeling of Disney when we can’t actually go.

we have been watching LBV TV (actually watched the end of their stream live today), and enjoy the vibe they create.


Is that who I am?
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Where do these vloggers get their information from? They seem to know an awful lot of where and when to be. Occasionally yeah they might get invites.
Disney has frequent "media" events and the vloggers are usually invited. They also get many "press release" type emails regarding everything from room specials coming to new items coming to shops and online.


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What street in the US do you live on? Rodeo Drive of Beverly Hills?
If $125k is an annual income that makes one feel deprived or pinched in the wallet, then they really need to stop and reevaluate their life choices and expenditures.
Ummm...different strokes for different folks.

I’m not scoffing stop that...it’s a lot of dough for most and has a lot of potential.

I just keep focusing on where and what we talk about here? That kinda cash doesn’t go far in the land of “luxury”

(If it seems like i might be playing the contrarian for effect...I just might be)


Maybe you can back that up with a law? Or, are you saying they have no moral right ?
Of course there are laws about filming strangers for profit media. Why do you see blurred faces on TV shows? You have to get legal consent before releasing footage of that individual for your show.
Now YouTube may be different, as those who profit on that platform seem to have more lenient rules. If Samantha Brown or some Travel Channel host walked into a business, park, whatever and started filming a program for a TV network without permission, license... they'd be fined. Vloggers on the other hand...

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