Any WDW Rainy Day Pictures?


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Does anyone else actually hjave fun when you get rained on at Disney? I laugh it off. I don't know, I just find it amusing. Maybe it's because most of the time since it's Florida, the rain isn't really cold and it doesn't last very long.

My brother and I used to love when it rained hard. After a few minutes your soaked and can't get any wetter, and the lines all get shorter cause people run for cover. We have some great memories from rainy days in the parks.

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I don't mind the rain, but dislike going into the A/C when I'm wet. Brrrrr!

I've also found that bringing a plastic raincoat works much better than a plastic poncho, and weighs about the same/takes up the same amount of space in my bag. A visor worn over the hood will make you look like a dork, but will keep the hood in place and rain off of your face.

Thank you all for the photos; brings back memories of fun times when my kids were little and would jump in the puddles.

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Great pictures, and very helpful.

We've already decided to pack serious rain gear instead of lightweight ponchos.

We will be there Sept 9, and I think that Hanna will be gone, but there's a new tropical depression that should hit Florida when we do.

It will be named Ike.

I'm full of hope that it will track southwesterly or, even better, track easterly back into the ocean.


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Being a weather enthusiast, I couldn't resist taking some shots of the storms last week. :D

From the 50's section of Pop, Building C, 4th Floor


Hooray, my trigger finger finally works!





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These pictures remind me of the time when we were at WDW on Christmas Day and on the room TV the Disney Christmas Parade was showing, with the sun shining on all the happy guests.

Outside the window at the resort we could see that it was pouring down rain.



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this was a pretty cool idea for a thread. Rain can totally seem to ruin your day (especially when you're on vacation), but when you look at it from a different perspective i guess you can start to appreciate it. keep the photos coming!


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DanDaMan Awesome pictures, I love the last one, great timing.

I'm actually surprised that one worked as well as it did... normally my finger hits the button in reaction to a lightning strike either too late, or it jostles the frame enough to deem it nigh unwatchable. :lol:


I actually find it pretty funny when it rains, which is weird cos I'm from England and that's all it ever seems to do here!:lol:

In fact, one of my best rides on Aladdins Magic Carpets was when it absolutely threw it down just as we all took our seats. It's the only time I have ever heard anyone scream on Aladdins carpets! All we could see were other guests under cover, pointing and laughing at us poor fools who got on the ride at the wrong moment...We laughed and laughed and laughed!:ROFLOL:

Then there was the time we sat waiting for Fantasmic for over an hour in the pouring rain just to have it rained off at the last minute...It was kinda nice actually, me and my DH huddled under my poncho in a nearly deserted auditorium!

I love the rain!!:sohappy:


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rain stinks when ur at disney

What!? I love it when it rains. People seem to leave the parks I was there a few weeks ago when tropical storm Faye was there. The parks were awesome sure it was a steady rain but hey once your wet your wet. The waits weren't that bad..


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The only time I have minded being in the rain was while we were on the Maharajah Jungle Trek in a monsoon. There was only those little archways between exhibits to take cover and they were packed full of people, so you couldn't get through, there was nothing to see because the smart animals took cover, and we got soaked to the bone, stuck on the trek.

Otherwise we maximize those times to ride as much as we can. Here is a pre-storm photo I took from the monorail station - I should have taken a pic of the mass exodus of people from Epcot (just as we were arriving to play!) This one also makes me feel very patriotic and proud. :)


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