Any Recent Experiences With Routes/Wait Times for DME to Animal Kingdom Lodge?


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We arrive in Orlando on Monday, 2/17 (President's Day). Our plane is expected to be at the gate by 9:00am and we'll be among the first to disembark, which will put us at the DME Welcome Center about 15 minutes later, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (meaning: eager and impatient). We're staying at AKL, Jambo House. The plan is to drop our bags with Bell Services (our DVC studio is highly unlikely to be ready for us at that early hour), stroll around if and as time permits, and then take the bus (or walk) to Kidani Village for our 11:30am lunch ADR at Sanaa. (Yes, I know that those plans could be impacted in the unlikely event of a flight delay, and yes, we have back-up plans in case that happens, so no worries there.)

Any recent experiences with this route and/or arrival time at DME? Although it's a federal holiday, I expect it won't be unusually crowded, as most guests taking advantage of the holiday weekend/week to travel will have arrived Friday night through Sunday. Is AKL the last hotel on its usual route? How many other stops does it typically make?

I know the waits and routes vary by the day (and time of day), but I'd like to know the general range of what we might expect, anyway. Thanks!
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When I used DME for AKL Jambo, we landed at night but were the first stop, then went to Kidani, and I forget the other hotels (because I was just so happy we were number 1) lol.
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