Any news on restaurant openings once more resorts open?


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Just wondering if anyone has heard any rumors or facts about when more restaurants will be opening.


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From everything I have read and or seen the Resorts and restaurants will gradually open in phases as scheduled and the needs of guests require. Resorts with multiply dining options may not see all of their restaurants open all at once as guests are low so demand will follow suit as crowd levels pickup. That being said this all depends on legislation and the scientific community working with the Mouse to safely continue business in the new normal.

edit: To add some of the Resorts that are already open but are at this time being utilized by the MLS and the NBA are also on a schedule to transition and further open up to the public but once again that all depends on their seasons and in the NBA's case the teams being moved from other resorts (Grand Floridian and Yacht Club) to Coronado Springs as teams are knocked out of the competition.
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