Any new info on the Mark Twain?


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Is the Mark Twain ever going to make a return to DLP? I know that the riverboat was in really bad shape, but haven't heard any recent news regarding any plans for refurbishment (or whether it's gone for good?). Just throwing this out there....any insiders know of it's condition or a possible comeback?


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There are pictures around from earlier in the year when the MT was moved out of dry dock so that the Molly Brown could been serviced.

As we know the MT is in very bad shape however they haven't got rid of it so you would hope that is a sign there is the innteion of repairing it. The current COO Daniel Delcourt did reference it in an interview a few years ago that it was in his long term plan to fix it.


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Recently the Liberty Belle at the MK got a new drive rod from Paris. They said that's where they made it, but I suspect they may have taken it off the MT.


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If the Mark Twain in france is being used for parts for the other parks maybe it coukd be restored and docked permanently as a restaurant in frontierland


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Would it be too much to ask to bring back the Keelboats too?
Is there not a rumour this is happening? I think I saw a picture for a new dock platform being installed a month or so ago?
I'm not up to date on what's going on now, but they have made a comeback in the past. IIRC they were removed the first time because the CMs need certain licenses to steer the boats under French law and keeping those licenses current was deemed too expensive.


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Lets hope that is the plan after the Mark Twain.

Does anyone know how many Keelboats they used to have? There is only one currently visible in the park.
Two. Same number of canoes they used to have (for maybe 3-4 years total, those did not last long).
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It really is sad that the Mark Twain has deteriorated to such a state, but it is very great news to hear confirmation that it is going to be fully restored over the next couple of years. For those curious how poor it's condition is, you can find a photo from January of this year at:

This one has a few more images that are much older:

There are a couple of others floating around but this one is from one of the more prominent DLP bloggers.
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