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Any love for Epcot Forever?

Lands of Wonder

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Original Poster
It’s missing many regular show elements we usually see at Epcot but for what it is I love it. Just imagine 5 minutes of Imagery, fountains and light added to the show and Epcot Forever was the entire fire sequence it would be great. To me what the show is would probably be my favorite part of the show if there were more scenes and elements to it. The music and the sound it has alone and the way it shakes the ground like some of the 90-s - early 2000’s shows does it for me and hope this is a sign that this style of highly instrumental music with Gerry little vocals is on its way back. That’s just me, I honestly thought I was going to jump I if my skin watching this show I loved it for what it did have. The feeling alone bought it up a level from other shows from the past despite the missing elements. If they had imagery, fountains and lights and ended the show with everything we have seen it would be a permanent show to me.

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