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Any Good Hollywood Studios Quick Service Options?


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I got so sick at Backlot Express last time that I was out for our entire trip and had to visit Urgent Care in Orlando. The only QS I'll eat in DHS is PizzeRizzo. And a carrot cake cookie.

Diesel Dan

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We were there 2 months ago, ABC Commissary had an excellent Chicken & Rib option that was as good as the BBQ at Flame Tree in AK. The Burgers at the Backlot are really good.


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We always find HS to be the toughest place for decent CS. That being said, we've enjoyed burgers at Backlot Express and the pizza and antipasto tossed salad at PizzeRizzo. (The pizzas were the same reheated-from-frozen fare Pizza Planet used to serve -- nothing to write home about, but not terrible either, although we're not very picky when it comes to pizza.)


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We always end up eating at ABC commissary and we hate it every time.
For some reason we are always right next to it around lunch time (probably the fault of our Fastpass plan). Long lines, very mediocre food.


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Starting to think we might just take a mid-day break and go back to the hotel for lunch before returning for the afternoon and dinner at Sci-Fi. I've been hearing that HS is more of a half day park right now anyways.

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