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Any Blackberry Classic users out there?


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Yes I miss a good old flip phone, but having to stay in touch with today's world I am using an iPhone SE. It is one of the older devices, but I miss a nice full qwerty keypad. Buttons, people. I miss buttons. So, I talked with my current carrier Verizon earlier, and they said that they still carry the Blackberry classic. That got me excited. However, that price tag though...

Would it be worth it? I wanna know your experiences with this phone.


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I have no experience with Blackberry, but I used a cheap $20 ZTE keyboard phone a couple years ago, so I understand where you're coming from. I wanted physical buttons as well. I looked it up, and you can get the Blackberry Classic on Amazon for less than $100. If you get the unlocked version, you can leave Verizon and go to any carrier of your choosing, including budget carriers like Cricket or Boost Mobile, so you could save money that way.

Edit: I forgot to share the link lol



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The big ruching problem there seems to be with the licensed Blackberrry devices is that they seem to carry more top-line prices while being more mid-range phones.


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I used to use a Droid PRO https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Droid_Pro

I still have it in a desk drawer, along with a bunch of other cell phones (without physical keyboards)
Nice! But I went with the Blackberry Classic, had to stick with a 4G device and this one came out in 2015 so it is more up-to-date. Has Facebook, and I was able to get Spotify as well no problem.

The battery life is impressive too. Granted it does operate slightly slower but it is much less of a headache. Love the Blackberry hub.
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