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Any August 2020 planners around?


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I'm planning a trip for August 2020. lol, I'm hoping the star wars hype will have died down. Now I know the lines will still be insane but I'm hoping that there won't be a line to get into the park by then.

Anyone else shooting for 8/2020?

Jim S

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We are looking at Aug 2020. We are making tentative plans. The last two trips we made in June-very crowded and humid. The trip before was in August and the humidity and heat didn't bother us near as much as the June trips.

The crowds were also less in August. We are rather limited to the summer months because all of our grandkids are under 9 and school calendar is a factor.
Any advice or input from others would be welcomed.

Kingdom Konsultant

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Pricing should be out for the packages around mid June. August can be brutal with the heat/humidity and let's not forget the torrential thunder storms.
Book early so you have longer to pay the trip off. After the initial deposit you can make payments up until the 30 days prior mark when the final payment is due.
Where are you planning to stay?
If I know it's going to be super hot and humid, I tend to take breaks and head to the hotel in the heat of the day and go back once the sun starts to go down a little.
With little kids, it's never a bad idea to take them back and let them swim or nap. Cranky/overheated/over stimulated kids are not fun. I started taking my girls when they were quite young so I learned how to make it work so everyone is happy.


I'm heading down there this August - before the Star Wars hype begins. I'm anticipating HOT but there are air conditioned rides, air conditioned stores, and pools to cool off in. It's been brutally hot in December when I've gone, and cool in April. I think with a little bit of planning, August can be as enjoyable as all the other months in the year! Hey, it's Disney - it's all good! :)
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