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Ok, so I'm a noob at the forum but saw this was an evergreen topic. I recently went on a quick scouting mission on google and found a youtube video in which a former cruise line employee who broke her contract detailed how she got her no rehire status lifted. I'll share what I found out since then.

I started by following her lead and calling Disney's Global HR phone line. The number is 1 (321) 939-7000. This is a Kissimmee phone number. I bounced around a phone tree and waited on hold for about 30 minutes. I talked to the person and was then transferred to someone at casting. Unfortunately, since I got there by way of Global HR ( who confirmed my no rehire status) I don't know if you can skip this step and call central casting directly. After another 15 minutes on hold, I was talking to the right people. I called right when they opened so that could have been why the time was so long.

I stated that I wanted to petition to have my no rehire status reviewed and the cast member asked a few questions to identify me in the system. I gave her my e-mail address and within a few minutes, I had a form e-mail with what to do. It had a link This is the form you need to fill out and send back via E-mail or Fax. The fax instructions stated to send the form to Walt Disney World Casting via fax to 818-260-8279. It also allows you to send the form as an e-mail to

Information you will need to complete the form includes
  1. Personal Information
    1. Name
    2. Address
    3. Phone
    4. Disney Employee ID (if you know it, if not you can get your perner from Global HR)
    5. Disney Employment Dates
    6. The position you are applying for ( you need not be applying for any one position but this lets them make sure any app you put in gets looked at after being auto-rejected)
    7. Social Security Number
  2. 10 years of Employment history
    1. Employer's Names
    2. Employer's Addresses
    3. Dates of Employment
    4. Your Position
    5. Your Duties
    6. Your Supervisor
    7. Reasons for leaving each job
  3. Sign and Date First Page
  4. Your last Job Classification and Immediate Supervisor at Disney
  5. A narrative portion ( 10 lines of space available ) on why your no rehire status should be lifted and why you should be considered for re-employment.
After your petition is submitted the process is three to four weeks according to the email I received. It does state that individual circumstances may vary. You will be notified by e-mail about the determination they have made. I stopped by casting the day I sent my petition in as they were having a hiring event and I wanted to see if there were a quicker route in person. I was informed that there was not. The casting castmember I talked to however was helpful in pointing out that they are pretty good about sticking to that timeline but did mention if I hadn't heard anything back in a month I might just want to call to check in on the status.

As for myself I just did my petition on the 11th of May. I will keep you up to date with the timeline.



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We are just over two weeks from when I sent in my requests. I’ve still not heard anything back. This is to be expected at the halfway point on the given timeline.

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