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Another last minute trip !!!!!


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My daughter informed me that her college has a one week vacation in mid-May for finals study. She's in a speech therapy program where she's interning so she has a free week. Guess what ? Florida here we come. Just went down the beginning of March and the weather was the best. Checked the airfare which is ridiculously cheap out of Philly (less than $100 round trip). Booked our flight last night and got a rental car for less than $200 for the week. My friend's condo was available and that will be less than $300 for the week. Going to be an affordable quick vacation. The only bad thing is that being only one month out, it's tough to get the dining reservations that we'd like. This will be our first time in FL in May. Looking forward to it !
My mom, my daughter and i booked a trip a few days ago for May 17- 20 and i was pleasantly surprised the amount of dining and fastpasses that were available! :)


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There are no slow times anymore at WDW but early/mid May is one of the best times for both crowds and weather. Book those dining reservations and Fastpasses ASAP for the greatest number of choices. I'm sure there are still some great options available.


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May gives you Flower & Garden time. Its one of our favorite time to go. The colorful flowers around EP start losing their brilliance as you get further into the month. Its a great time to visit and it gives you a lot of things to do.


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Even last minute trips can be made extremely memorable. You don't need all the reservations. You can wing it and experience some things you probably wouldn't have before. One of the best trips we had was one we booked on a Wednesday during F & W and arrived that Friday. It was so much fun! Enjoy the time with your daughter!
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