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Another generation: Disneyland (my way)


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In a private Q&A session, I was asked what I would do following my Magic Kingdom thread (http://forums.wdwmagic.com/threads/another-generation-magic-kingdom-my-way.907702/), and I said that I would be doing other similar threads for other parks, including Disneyland. The MK thread is not done yet, but I'm going to get started on a "new generation" thread for Disneyland, for which there are surprisingly few threads.


Welcome, one and all, to...

A few new attractions have been introduced and many others updated. And there are even a few surprises in store. Let's start at the beginning, as you enter the park, through Main Street U.S.A.

Approaching the entrance, you spot the great Main Street train station for the Disneyland Railroad, fronted by a wonderful floral design of Mickey Mouse:

Off to either side of the station, you pass through a tunnel into the park.

Stay tuned!


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Now let's go on into the park! Bear in mind, however, this is going to be less detailed, describing only what is changed and what has not.

On the right, you have the Opera House where Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln (hopefully) plays. The attraction, however, is now called "The Disneyland Story, Featuring Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln". However, there will be a new video in the preshow area replacing the old Disneyland movie with Steve Martin and Donald Duck. Instead, it will be a brand-new film also featured at WDW's Main Street Cinema.

Speaking of the Main Street Cinema, the selection of shorts will now be completely overhauled. "Steamboat Willie" will remain (which means the main marquee will be retained), but the rest of the cartoons are gone, now replaced by other cartoons, although they will be in black-and-white and soundless, leaving the usual ragtime music in the background:

How will it be changed, you ask? The contents all have something in common: firsts for Disney, whether character debuts, or in the case of "The Skeleton Dance", a series premiere. In addition to "Steamboat Willie" and "The Skeleton Dance", the other four screens will now feature "Mickey's Revue" (debut of Goofy), "The Chain Gang" (debut of Pluto), "The Wise Little Hen" (debut of Donald) and "Don Donald" (debut of Daisy).

Nearby at the 20th Century Music Company, which features CDs, DVDs, and books, it will also feature LP vinyl records, which have been making something of a comeback in recent years.

That's pretty much it for Main Street. I'll be moving on next time, so stay tuned!

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