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Annual Photo Pass


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Morning all.

You may remember me asking about getting an annual pass a few weeks ago. All went perfectly well and I have received temporary pass to get into the park and get the proper document.

I am also wondering about the annual photopass which is available for an additional 49 euro on top of the "magic plus" pass I am getting. I Just wanted to check exactly what it covers. Does it cover ride photos as well as photos with characters? Is it just digital copies to download or do you get any physical prints?

Thanks in advance for any information.



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Oh it’s soo good I’m reading this right now. I live in the Netherlands and want to get an annual pass as well. I have a debit card and really need to pay per month. Could you run me through how you did it?

I’m going in 5 weeks and was planning on buying at the gate, but reading your earlier posts thats only possible if you can pay it in full right then and there?


It's just digital copies. There aren't as many photo opportunities as at WDW but there were enough for me seeing as we're going back.

Main rides we included, and then meet Mickey, Princess pavilion, Darth Vader, Spiderman, Moana I think. Basically the indoor meet and greet locations.

You pick your photo pass up from the photo shop, right hand side of main Street from memory.

If you're set on the photo pass, consider upgrading your annual pass to the infinity. The upgrade is about £100 but figure around £50 as you get the photo pass for free then. It really depends how much your going to spend and if you plan to go back but you'll have a bigger discount in shops and restaurants and get the priority parking.


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thanks. did think about that but it's 150 euros difference between the passes, and the photo card is 50. Didn't think it was worth the extra 100 overall, but maybe next year...


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Yeah all photos just get added to a digital account. Means you can just download straight to your phone or computer (easy for those social media posts). You can get photos printed at the park but obviously at an extra charge.

I had it for the first year it was a thing and really enjoyed using it.
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