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Annual Passholder/ Ticket Changes 2016


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*they have yet to be officially announced*
Expect an announcement within a week. I have a feeling you will be pleasently surprised. Also note the lack of a word in this title Thread title about the yearly change.

Hopefully it's good news and something we can upgrade or downgrade to even if we recently renewed.


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It doesn't say increase. It doesn't say increase. It doesn't say increase. (Are we going to see prices... drop?)


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They will keep the prices the same but drop the photo pass/memory maker included pricing and make us purchase it for an additional $150-$250 thus it will be an increase. Or Disney will feel like they are on the brink of screwing it's very loyal guests and drop the price to where they were a year ago before the last increase.


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In the Parks
I think they're getting killed by the re-sellers. I know Disney has already made theirs when they sell to the wholesale brokers, but they could be keeping more of their own money. For example, a 7-Day Park Hopper is $467.54 with tax. That same ticket through ParkSavers is $394.46. I get that Disney already made their money by selling that ticket to Expedia/ParkSavers, but they're still missing out on some money. If there is a drop, I wonder if it will make them competitive with the major re-sellers as to re-coup some of that business.


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my issue with the AP is not necessarily the price but rather that as a DVC member, i can get the nice discount but not being a florida resident, I cannot pay monthly. being able to pay monthly for four annual passes is a big deal. i am able to pay my universal AP monthly...


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Same question. I just bought a DVC AP voucher two weeks ago.

Last time they redid the structure, the vouchers were honored at the closest equivalent ticket. So our AP vouchers were turned into Platinum passes, which ended up being a nice bit of savings for us. But if the lack of "increase" in the thread title is indicative, you may be out of luck. I can't see them going back and retroactively refunding everyone who purchased tickets/packages for trips that hadn't happened.

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