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News Annual Passholder pop-up shop coming to EPCOT's Germany pavilion


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Disney really wants this one to work out. There was a media event for this one - seemed to have been social media people.



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Maybe it’s just me. I stood in the rain yesterday wearing a poor quality Disney poncho soaking wet waiting to go inside. Once inside, meh. Lots of AP Germany merch. Also Fontini figurines. T shirts with the AP Mickey logo. Boring AP magnets. I didn’t buy anything. Another guy appeared to buy up everything. My first thought was eBay. But hey, I won’t knock anyone for finding something they want. Nothing for me, though. Well there was one thing. I liked the AP coaster set. The only problem is you can’t buy it alone. You have to buy $50 bucks of stuff before you can get the coaster set or a cutting board. I passed.

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