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Annual Pass Benefits Wish List

Which of these would you MOST like to see added to the Platinum Plus Annual Pass at WDW?

  • FREE Preferred Parking

  • Entry into raffle for Cinderella Castle Suite stay

  • Bigger discounts on resorts, food, and merchandise

  • FREE "Fast Passes"

  • Memorializing passholders with their picture/name displayed in the parks

  • FREE admission to one after hours event of your choice

  • Access to an exclusive Platinum Plus Passholder Lounge

  • Complimentary upgrade of room/cabin category at resorts and cruise line

  • Discounted Minnie Van rides

  • FREE Disney+ subscription

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Active Member
We just returned from a visit to Hershey Park. We stayed in their camping resort. Although it’s not FW level, it was very nice. We bought a 2 day park pass for around $85. We almost bought the season pass because of the perks associated with it.

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