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News Announced: Mary Poppins Attraction in UK Pavilion


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I’m All for Neverland and a Tangled Ride. I love Peter pans flight for the nostalgia and I’ll always get. Fast pass for it but the ride needs some love. Peter Pan is my favorite Disney movie of all time. Tangled needs a ride period.


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Look who endorsed my conjecture in the Runaway Railway thread!



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Considering how great the projections in Runaway Railway...maybe this is a good idea?

She definitely deserves the dark ride treatment though.

There's a good chance they have been waiting to see how guests react to mmrr before deciding what to greenlight.

A Noble Fish

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Small World to Epcot is a good idea. Here's an idea....

Step 1: gut Imagination and turn it into a "Unity" Pavilion. Put IASW in the Imagination show building. Also, reroute the Soarin queue so that Soarin is part of this Pavilion (I think this is a Grassey idea). Use the theater for a Zootopia show that celebrates the progress that we have made in diversity. This would be a great pavilion for "World Celebration"

Step 2: Expand the "Play" pavilion to a "Imagination and Play" Pavilion. Build a new Figment ride with Dreamfinder off the back of the Play pavilion.

Step 3: Tear out the IASW load building to widen the walkway. Use the IASW show building as queue and load for two attractions: A tangled ride and a second attraction. Build the show buildings for these attractions behind (to the north) the current IASW show building.

Sorry for going on an armchair rant.
IASW at Imagination would be walk-on all day and close early at EPCOT for almost the entire year. At Magic Kingdom, it's always busy.

A unity pavilion isn't a bad idea, but that would be a botched execution.

The only thing that makes sense is creating a new, modern Imagination replacement, and replacing the speedway with a Tomorrowland sub-land/ride.


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If anything, Small World in Play Pavilion would make more sense. Lean on the "children of the world" and toy aesthetics to be about getting the world to peacefully play together. Put a new Tower of the Four Winds in front of the Wonder Dome as a throwback to both the Fair and the old DNA tower.

Interesting idea and there is space to expand the pavilion. Could have a smaller footprint than the original and use trackless instead of boats. The throughput of MMRR is impressive.


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About time we get an interesting carousel or one that goes outside the box ( or circle ;)). Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk has taken the title since it was open over 100 years ago. There's been pretty second story ones since but I'm shocked we haven't seen an interactive one since SCBB.

Rich Brownn

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Interesting idea and there is space to expand the pavilion. Could have a smaller footprint than the original and use trackless instead of boats. The throughput of MMRR is impressive.
You'd never get up to the throughput of the boats though. Remember, IASW was designed for the NYWF which saw 55 million in 12 months vrs the 18-20 WDW/DL gets. Capacity was everything at the fair if you wanted people to see your pavilion. The biggies (GE, GM, Ford) had capacity of 3,000 people or more per hour! And there were still long lines.


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This reeks of the Cheapek.
No news is not good news.
I don't disagree. I suspect if there are not shovels in the dirt within the next few months, the project joined the mainstreet theatre. There is construction on Epcot resorts blvd, between BC and BW. While it is not the attraction, it may be a project that requires completion before the Poppins project can start.

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