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News Announced: Mary Poppins Attraction in UK Pavilion


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Google Earth is everyone’s best friend here
It’s pretty close to World ShowPlace and that’s not going anywhere. It’s makes to much $$$$$$ for it to go away. So, not to much land there.


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Google Earth is everyone’s best friend here

So is reading the thread one is posting in... ;)

The area within the current UK border that comprises the garden, maze, and surrounding tree-berm is half an acre, shown in the white box.

The area behind the UK comprises the roadway turnaround (which @marni1971 said was going to be 'rationalised') and storage units abutting the IG Gondola Station is 1.1 acres, shown in the pink box.

So, you would have at most 1.6 acres to work with.

Trying to figure out the size of the attractions you asked for is difficult because they're housed in a large building. But I believe Mr. Toad is .3 acres and the entire building for Toad, Pan, and Alice is .6 acres. In the MK, Pan is .3 acres and IaSW is 1.5 acres.

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Do you know of Pixar, Marvel, LucasFilm, Disney Film, and Disney Animation, which has the best return on investment. Well, obviously, LucasFilm since only one Star Wars movie didn't make a big profit.

But the second? Fox Animation/Blue Sky.
Sure... but how much tied-in MERCHANDISE do they sell afterwards?! ;)

ok, So about the attreaction for EPCOT...
No news. :)


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I think the focus of Brave as an ip is too narrow...it doesnt feel like Brave represents the UK...but just Scotland... It would be like doing an American Pavilion ride that was a boat ride through Miami Beach... Sure it is American, but does it feel like it represents the heart of America?

But Poppins has nothing to do with the rest of the U.K. either. And actually, nor does anything else in the pavilion. It is called the U.K. pavilion, but it might as well officially be called England. Which is of course what most people call it, albeit incorrectly.

And to add, following your logic, what we need is an IP set somewhere near Manchester, to be in the heart of the U.K. Robin Hood would do, near enough.

Or they could just show Martin’s videos on a continuous loop. ;)


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You’ve obviously not been to Blackpool

Hey, wait a minute. You may just have solved two problems at the same time.

1. The U.K. pavilion needs an attraction.

2. The Eiffel Tower is going to cause some perspective/ sightline issues when the Skyliner opens.

And we have just established that to represent the “heart of the U.K.” we need something from near Manchester .....

#Blackpool Tower attraction confirmed for U.K. pavilion. ;)

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