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News Announced: Mary Poppins Attraction in UK Pavilion


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I would welcome an elegant English carousel, themed to the Jolly Holiday sequence from Mary Poppins, and set in a proper garden or park. However, if this will be a Dumbo or Aladdin style lift, themed to flying a kite, then it will truly be another disappointing thematic decision.
What do you consider the carousel in the MK? I mean, there's no traditional park space around it, but it's a legit, antique carousel with traditional horses. I'm just glad they haven't changed the horses to Simba or other "rideable" characters.

While I'd be disappointed in another carousel in WDW, I'd be more disappointed that it was built instead of a new dark ride. Tons of parks around the country have carousels. Heck, some shopping malls have carousels. Still, there is pleasure to be found from riding one, even as an adult, so c'est la vie.


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yeah....a really Meh Idea...I would rather they spent the money to do the Coco Overlay...though let's face it, the carousel would be chosen because it is cheap...So a decent Coco overlay would probably not happen either.


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I am really getting fed up with decisions that are being made at these parks. I would rather have a nice garden or a quiet spot inside a country than throwing a flat ride there. I feel like Disney is skimping on their bigger rides, minus galaxies edge, and supplementing these lower volume "e" tickets with little carnival/six flags kind of rides.

If this rumor of a flat ride being selected is true, I feel like this is another nail in the coffin for Epcot.

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