Animal kingdom expansion! In need of ideas


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would love to see a loch ness monster tube coaster... where the track is built into a tube underwater so that riders get to go underwater without getting too wet... might work better somewhere else but still would be great

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Heimlich is a lot like Slinky Dog Dash in Disneyland Paris. It’s mostly for the kiddies, but Animal Kingdom really seems to need more of that.

Much like Hollywood needed it before they added Toy Story Land.

I’ve been on the caterpillar at my local park. I puked up my lunch afterwards (a baloney sandwich and Doritos if you were interested) and felt horrible for an hour. I lied on my stomach on a nearby bench and let out the world's loudest fart. I didn't even care either that people could probably hear me. It was that bad my friends.

I seem to be getting too old for this poop …. Like Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon.


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Heimlich is a lot like Slinky Dog Dash in Disneyland Paris. It’s mostly for the kiddies, but Animal Kingdom really seems to need more of that.
I definitely couldn't ride it with my wife. Given my husky, chocolate-made physique I'd probably kill her.

Plus I'd have to be a single parent which sounds just as frightening.

Yeah, I always feel like there should be a border or two seats. Because someone's always going to get the wrong end of it. Especially if your a kid or someone with a big… beanie bag.


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The whole area would be rethemed to a carnival theming, like in the current Dinorama area. There would be funny cartoon dinosaurs throughout. Even in the former Dinosaur and Restaurantosaurus sections of the park.


Wheel O Saurus
----- (formerly the boneyard)
----- (ferris wheel, similar to pixar pal around in dca)


Dino Go Round
----- (formerly the boneyard)
----- (merry go round, similar to prince charming’s carousel)


The Backissaurus
----- (formerly primeval whirl)
----- (mad mouse coaster, similar to goofy’s sky school)

The Mature area


Terrordactyl Drop
----- (formerly dinosaur, which will be moved to hollywood)
----- (drop ride, similar to falcon’s fury at busch gardens)


Terrordactyl Dive
----- (formerly dinosaur, which will be moved to hollywood)
----- (flying coaster, similar to manta at sea world)


----- (in back of the terrordactyl section)
----- (wooden rollercoaster, similar to incredicoaster)



Ice “cream” Age
--- (formerly dino-bites snacks)
--- (walkup, which serves snow cones, ice cream and fried ice cream)


Petri Fried
--- (formerly trilo-bites)
--- (walkup, which serves deep fried oreos, deep fried twinkies and funnel cakes)


Dino Dog
--- (formerly dino diner)
--- (corn dogs, hot dogs and deep fried candy bars)


Dino Turkey
--- (formerly the cretaceous trail)
--- (walkup, which serves turkey legs and buckets of cookies and brownies)


Chester and Hester’s Dinersaur
---- (formerly restaurantosaurus)
---- (retheming of the quick service, to look more like chester and hesters)
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I tend not to do Ferris Wheel’s.. ever… ever. I found out when I was kid that I’m afraid of heights on one. The ride operator figured it out too when I yelled


P.S. To tell you the truth though, I didn’t say fudging it was the other famous f word.

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