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Trip Report And we're off, Finally!!

It's here! Our Disney mini family reunion. After 8 months of coordinating and sometimes logistical hiccups, it's finally play time in our favorite place.

List of characters Me, my sons, my sister in law, niece and nephew.
Home for the next 8 days: Old Key West.
Arrived home Tuesday 9/5.

This trip report maybe a little "scatter brained", I'm posting quasi "live" and in living color so please forgive me if sentences seem like I've been drinking 😄
It's also a bit of a fact finding mission, there has been a lot of chatter about dirty bathrooms, ride breakdowns and nasty cm's. I wanted to know if that is our experience.
So on with the show.....
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Tuesday: whew am I beat, 😃 honorable son #1 had a 5:30 am flight from Philly and our flights left at 6:30. Since it was a busy holiday season we decided to leave extra warly for the airport....it wasn't pretty

20 something child, dies not speak "3 am" and no breakfast.

The rest of the gang arrived throughout the morning.


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Thanks guys and Welcome.

Since we all had early flights we knew our rooms would not be ready. we resigned ourselves to hanging out at Disney Springs in the heat for a few hours.
Ironically the East Coast is experiencing record heat so it was actually hotter in Philly than Orlando, although I swear the sun feels stronger here in Florida.
We're staying at Old Key West this time
OKW is a beautiful resort which tends to get overlooked I think because it's theming is more understated.


It sits on a golf course and the buildings are colored in wonderful pastel colors. The rooms are a bit larger since OKW is the original DVC.
Lol the only thing that always baffles me about Disney villas are the endless light switches that turn on nothing.

Figuring out how to turn on turn on the bathroom lights without waking any else can be a comedy routine.

We dropped off the luggage and headed to Disney springs....
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Day 1
We had a few snafus on check in day that led to pixie dust. When we decided to take this trip last year we decided to get 3 separate rooms, the youngins, behind my back grew up and that required more space🤣. When I booked the rooms I put my name on each room, evidently breaking a Disney rule. Who knew? It took them quite a bit of time to fix and after being up for 14 hours straight I was not the happy camper. Hotel manager comp us free genie plus for our first day, which was Epcot.
I'll give my thoughts on Genie plus later but I will say that the reports of horrible cm's is grossly exaggerated. The staff at OKW and every where have been exemplary. Introducing themselves, smiling asking general questions about over lives and just plain sweet and kind.

Characters were visiting resorts, which I didn't know they did.


Lol so this is my kids favorite animatronic because their grandmother in retribution for something I must have done in my youth, showed them a picture if me in the early 70s. yes folks complete with an afro, mini skirt and go-go boots. We take one every trip.

Crowds are definitely on the light side, we had no issues getting a virtual cue for guardians, although by nature I'm an early bird so being up at 7 is no issue for me and frozen ride was they only ride that had a wait over 45 minutes


The only other "issue" I have not seen are these "dirty" bathrooms. Everywhere we "went" was clean and functioning.

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