Pre-Trip And this is why two daughters are better than one!


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When: 10 DAYS!! October 19-25th

Why: Because what one daughter has the other must have it too.

Just a little background....

We are a family that started coming to Disney in 2006 when our children were 9, 6, and 3. We came every other year until 2015, which I've been blessed to take yearly "inexpensive" trips. Last year I had my first mother/daughter trip with C. She's my middle child and is a Disney fanatic. She desperately wanted a trip with just me (trip report found here: ) that was last year. Well, E my oldest can't be left out and also wanted a mother/daughter trip. Where to I ask since I'm not sure exactly where she'd chose. "A ROAD TRIP to the east coast" she says. I'm actually excited about this choice, she picks a few states and a few quick stops along the way to see. Then she calls a couple of days later and says she changed her mind and says "I want to go to Disney"! I'm honestly very surprised and not too disappointed. I start thinking though, she does not like to tour the parks like C and I, she likes to go from open to close, no breaks and go from ride to ride quickly. I'm aging, I sit at a desk all day at my job, I'm serious out of shape. She's 23 young, energetic, and is on her feet everyday at work walking back and forth. Now I'm scared and stupidly suggest Universal (since she loves coasters and I'm a Potter fan) and a day or two at the beach. It takes her less than a day to veto that idea. I can't say I'm disappointed because I'm heading to Disney again for the 5th year in a row!!!! AND this is why two daughters is better than one.

Where: POP

Who: Me & E


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I let E pick the resort, parks, and restaurants. Now this isn't how I would do it but she's in charge this trip.

She picked POP due to the skyliners.......Um hopefully they'll be running in 10 days. I don't care that they're down and I'm not afraid that they crashed. I'll still ride them. Not to sound heartless, I do feel extremely bad for those that were involved. If it was me I'd just ask for a lifetime AP for my 3 hours of dangling. Others may feel differently. That's ok. Moving on...

We will be doing 4 park days. One day in each park. The day she picked for MK is only open until 6pm and I can't fathom why someone would pick this day without having park hoppers

Sticking with the Darstarr theme because I can.

Her thoughts are that the park opens at 7am and that's plenty of time to do all we want to do.....remember she doesn't like a midday break.

We'll be eating at:

Morimoto Asia
The Plaza & Pinocchio Haus
Mama Melrose & Rizzo's
Nine Dragons :depressed: & La Cantina de San Angel
Satu'li Canteen & Yaki & Yeti

I'm guessing our quick service will change once we get there but this is the list for now. I'm also hoping that we'll cancel Nine Dragons and eat from food & wine booths. I've been waiting OH so patiently for @Darstarr to post food pics..... but I'm still waiting.

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