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Trip Report An Almost Thanksgiving/Christmas Trip But Not Exactly (November 2020)

Hello again everyone! I am back for my second trip report. I truly believe that I failed miserably last time, but I took some notes and I think I have the capability of crushing this trip report. My plan for this time is to report as much as I can while we are there while still enjoying it and soaking it in, but I am going to take notes and lots of pictures and write a more thorough trip report when we get back home. I am hoping this new approach works a lot better for me than reporting completely live 🙃.

We are heading back to Disney World just 2 months after our last trip. We were just there from September 3-7 at the Grand Floridian Villas celebrating our anniversary and we are heading back!

Who: Me, Marlene, my fiance, Stephan, my dad, Carlos, and my little brother Carlos (yep, they have the same name and I have the same name as my mom, its extremely confusing)





My dad is the reason I am obsessed with Disney, the first time he took me to Disney I was 3 months old and he took me every year 3 times a year until I was 18 and then I took over my annual pass and added monthly trips on top of our traditional trips. We take my dad and little brother twice a year now and we always have the best time. I feel like I'm a little kid again at Disney with my family and my fiance is best friends with my dad and brother so its perfect. I am trying to convince my Mom and Step-Dad to go to Disney with us next year (my mom hasn't been in 15 years and my step dad has never been).

When: November 8-13

We usually go for Thanksgiving week, but last year we had a horrible experience with the crowd levels and everything that we made the decision to go during the second week of November instead. Our plans were to go to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party but unfortunately that has been canceled this year. We are really hoping Christmas decorations are already up and that the weather is alot cooler!

Where: Animal Kingdom Lodge - Kidani Village

We were originally booked at our Home Resort, Copper Creek, but my dad has always wanted to stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge so we changed our reservation at the 7 month mark to Kidani and he is so excited. We're hoping Boma opens up by then cause he really wants to try it but if not, we will do Sanaa Lounge.

If any of you have stayed at AKL, can you please let me know whether Kidani or Jambo is better? We have researched so much and we don't know which one is best so we just picked Kidani.

I will be sharing our daily plans with you all soon! I hope you decide to stay tuned as we continue our countdown and start gearing up and getting ready to head home. 39 more days!
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Here are our plans so far for this trip:

We really wanted to do Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party and Hoop Dee Doo but since both of those are not being offered currently we have a pretty easy going trip with lots of room for things to do.

Monday: We are driving up from Miami early in the morning and hope to be checking into Kidani Village by 1 PM. After we check in, we are planning on heading over to Epcot and just enjoying the park and possibly heading to Disney Springs for dinner.

Tuesday: We have Animal Kingdom scheduled for today. We really want to try Whispering Canyon Cafe, however they do not have any reservations so I am checking constantly to see if something pops up. If not, we might try Sanaa Lounge.

Wednesday: We are heading to Magic Kingdom on Wednesday. I am hoping the crowds will be lighter than they were Labor Day weekend so we can once again try to ride every single ride! No dinner plans either this night so we will see what we come up with.

Thursday: And last but not least, our favorite park Hollywood Studios. We always leave Hollywood for last because we like to end our trip with our favorite park. We will be getting there early to try and get a boarding group and try and ride Mickey & Minnie's early as well. We did this in September and we actually rode every single ride in Hollywood and left the park early! We have no dinner plans for this night either.

Friday: Check out day :( We have a park pass for studios just in case we cant get on rise on Thursday, but if we don't head to studios we are either going to Disney Springs or the outlets.

Trying to figure out good dining options around property to fill in our empty spaces.


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We are officially 6 days away from heading back to Disney! We are consistently checking the weather as it keeps changing. As of right now we are just going to play it safe and pack for all kinds of weather since you never know with Disney.

We also decided that on Wednesday night we are going to try P&J's Southern Takeout over at Fort Wilderness since we cannot do Hoop Dee Doo this year.

I am starting to gather everything we need to pack and purchasing last minute things. We are so excited to go back!


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Change of plans for our trip...we are checking in Sunday instead of Monday! We had been playing with the idea of tacking on an extra day for a few weeks now, but now Miami is meant to get hit with a hurricane on Monday so we don't want to risk driving in bad weather so we have modified our reservation and are now checking in on Sunday! I have made a park pass reservation for Animal Kingdom for Sunday just in case we want to go to the park after checking in and its the closest park to us so we can go for a few hours if we want! Let the stress packing begin! 🤣

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