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Amazon Now Resort Deliveries


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Hello! I'm going to WDW next month and am staying at Pop Century Resort. Since we're not renting a car, I decided the cheapest way to get food and water for our room would be via Amazon Now. My plan was to place my order as I landed in Orlando and pick it up at Bell Services when I got to the hotel. However, I'm getting really mixed answers regarding if this is still allowed. Does anyone have any experience with this within the last few months? Will Bell Services still hold my order or do I have to physically meet the delivery driver as they arrive? If that's the case I'm not sure how to time it since I'm not expecting to get to the resort until after 8pm. Thank you!


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When we ordered, I met the driver at the door outside the lobby. I think that is what's preferred. When you place the order you choose a pick up time. Make sure it's after your arrival time. I ordered once I was actually there. If I was doing a late one, I would put in the notes or driver instructions to not deliver until 815 or 830. You can message with the driver or tell them to call you. It takes atleast 2 hrs for them to deliver. Mine took 3 hrs. Maybe wait til early the next morning? I wouldn't assume the front desk will hold it or that the driver will wait for you.
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