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Amazing Artistic Halloween Haunt - I just had to share

Magenta Panther

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So it's that time of year for Halloween haunts to open. Now, I don't like many haunts, as clever as they are, because they rely mostly on jump-scares and blood. That type of thing annoys and disgusts me, rather than scares me. But then there's Haunted Overload in New Hampshire.

Oh. My. Gosh.

Mostly blood-free, because it doesn't need it. It replaces that with sheer artistry. It's an outdoors haunt/maze like no other. The video below shows you what it looks like in the daytime, rather than at nighttime. But you know what - it doesn't need darkness to seriously, and deliciously, creep you out.

I can't say enough things about the artists who built this thing. I'm in awe. Enjoy!

I watched less than half a minute. Could not STAND that YouTuber. He gave me the creeps.
But I did look up that haunt and agree it looks beautifully creative and detailed. I'm like you and care less for the blood and gore but appreciate the design, atmosphere, and detail.

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