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Am I the Only One Who Thinks There Should Be a Disney Parks Magazine?


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You know, there's this thing called the Disney Parks blog....

But agree with @marni1971, the Internet has been the death for many print oublications....


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I used to love those Disney Magazines in the 90s! We were never able to visit the parks during that time but Mom got me a subscription to that magazine for a year. Loved it! I used to watch every TGIF episode that went to WDW. I used to flip the pages of the Disney Store magazine and wish for all of the items. I kept the little bottle of Tinkerbell's pixie dust for years. The 90s were a great time for Disney.

I now have a subscription for Celebrations and I really enjoy that that one. I've never tried the digital magazine because I don't like reading books/magazines electronically. I'm old fashioned LOL. I had the D23 membership and highly enjoyed the quarterly magazines, however, I didn't renew this year. Something kept happening with the delivery and I had to follow up with them each time and ask them to resend it. Their customer service is great, and they would always contact the distributor to make sure another copy was sent to me after the first would go missing, but it just got to be too irritating. I'm hoping when I become a member again next year, that the problem in my old account will be fixed.


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FYI, I believe there was/is a magazine for Florida Residents, it's called "WDW: The Grown-Up Side of Disney." Is this still being published or no. And it is for Florida Residents ONLY.

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