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Almost to the 60 day mark to schedule fast passes and still confused!

jade karl pavilion

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Original Poster
Sorry. It's a bit overwhelming and confusing. My wife and I have 2 kids (4yo and 8yo). I'm getting ready to schedule our FPs, but I'm confused about how FPs for the kids would work. So here's a scenario:

I book 2 (Tier 1) Flight of Passage FPs for my wife and I (the kids are too small to ride). If we booked 2 Na'vi River Journey FPs for my kids, my wife and I would need FPs too, right? And we can't book more than 1 Tier 1 FP at a time? Does that mean that our kids will lose out on their Tier 1 FPs if my wife and I want to go on Tier 1 rides that they are too small for or don't want to go on?

So if the solution is "Make sure 1 adult has a FP with 1 child", we would never be able to ride together because rider switch requires that everyone has fast passes for the ride.

Maybe I'm overthinking this.

JillC LI

Well-Known Member
No you're not overthinking it, you are correct. You can only get FPs for FOP or NRJ. If you choose to get two for FOP for you and your wife, then your kids can only get NRJ and would have to ride without you, which they are probably too young to do. I recommend that you try to get 4 FPs for FOP (2 at one time and 2 at another time), and then rope drop NRJ with the kids. I know I will get flack for suggesting this, but I'd swap bracelets with the kids so you and your wife can ride FOP twice each with the FPs. If the kids are not boy/girl, you do risk having a problem with the gender of the names on the magicband. However, one year I felt nauseous and didn't want to use my E:E FP so I gave my bracelet to my son, and he had no problem using it with my clearly female name.


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Agree with the previous poster. When we took my daughter her first trip, she was under 2 so didn't need a FP. My wife didn't want to ride Frozen Ever After, so I took the daughter on it twice, once with my MB and once with my wife's. I would get the 4 FoP FPs (if available) and rope drop NRJ together.


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If the kids are too small to ride FoP, then you can use the rider switch.

Book FoP for just you, book Navii for your wife and kids. All head to FoP and ask for a rider switch, the CM will give your wife a rider switch return time. Then whilst you ride, your wife takes the kids to Navii and rides with them.

Now this means you either have to ride Navii stand-by unless you can get it as a 4th FP. But if you were all riding FoP, those would be your options anyway because of the tiers, so you’re not any worse off.

For rides which are either not tiered or are tier 2, you can choose ones that one of you doesn’t mind skipping, or use the same strategy above of one of you riding twice using stand-by or a subsequent FP. For example, whilst you book Fp for Space Mountain, book FPs for Buzz for the rest of the family.

And while the second adult rides, get the kids ice cream, look around, use a nearby play area, ride something nearby....
I don't think that the name comes up or anything, so I doubt that the Greeters or Crowd Control would have any way of knowing that you're gaming system. I'm pretty sure that all that they see is the green light flashing. And I believe that you only scan your fingerprint when you enter. Doesn't really matter to the park. If you put your reservation in and waited the time and bought your park tickets, somebody should be entitled to use it.

That being said, you generally want to have your entire group linked and ready to go, and designate somebody who's good with making plans, following rules, and technology to be in charge of managing your FP+'s. Or even split your great into two and have two "captains." Its easier to have somebody with unquestioned authority then to have the group squabbling. Squabbling is OK for stand-by, but for the FP+ you should priority decision and unity.
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