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Alliance of American Football - Coming 2019


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If you havent been paying attention, this is a new league that is going to start after the Super Bowl next year.


-Teams will have 50 players on each roster, with some of those players selected by a territorial draft.

-Telecasts will feature no television timeouts and 60 percent fewer commercials, with the league aiming for an approximate real-time game length of 150 minutes, down from just over 180 in the NFL.

-All teams must attempt two-point conversions after each touchdown; there will be no extra point kicks.

-There will be no kickoffs; all possessions will begin on each team's own 25-yard line, the same as touchbacks in the NFL and NCAA. The team that would be on defense can keep the ball, in lieu of an onside kick, by attempting a scrimmage play from their own 35-yard line and gaining at least 10 yards.

-The play clock will run only 30 seconds, 10 seconds shorter than in the NFL.

-Two coach's challenges per team are the only replays.

-Outside organizations would handle head-safety protocols.


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It will be interesting especially since they are not trying to compete directly with the NFL.

Football is about the only sport I watch on TV and something like this will certainly help fill the other half of the year.

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It’s entirely watchable. Some of the offshoot leagues have just featured bad football. This isn’t NFL talent or college tradition, but it’s decent.

The Orlando team’s logo is pretty sweet- and it’s always fun to see Spurrier coaching. They could mike him up and I’d watch just for that

I think this new league is cool! 🆒I used to watch the USFL between 1983 and 1987. There is always room on my tv for football! ;)

Yeah again w Spurrier, being in Tampa during ‘Bandit Ball’ was a lot of fun. It’s too bad some greasy narcissist trying to use the league for his own gain ruined it. No clue who that could be...


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Here in Memphis, we have Mike Singletary as the coach. He's just as bad as he was as the head coach of my beloved 49ers. And now we have Johnny "Money" Manziel. What a poop show...

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