All star music OR Wyndham Lake Buena Vista OR Rosen Inn Lake Buena Vista


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I am planning an Orlando trip with my girlfriend and we are considering several places to stay for our days at WDW.
We will switch hotels on the 19th of August, so we want to check-in nearby WDW this day. We will stay in this region 9 nights.
We plan to visit de WDW parks and waterparks most of these days, but we will also have a car available the last two days to visit an outlet or something else.

For these 9 nights we are considering :
1. All star music => Early access - WDW property and possibility to use the transportation from Disney. Disadvantage: far away from Disney Spring and regular shops
2. Wyndham Lake Buena Vista => Early Access - Nearby Disney springs and can use shuttle buss from hotel and transportation from Disney in Disney Springs. Disadvantage: farther away from the Disney parks and NOT Disney on property.
3. Rosen Inn Lake Buena Vista - cheaper than the other two and saves money to take a bus/lyft to the parks. No early Access but nearby Disney Springs and other shops.

We also heard it is possible to order groceries and they can be delivered at the All start resort, this could be an advantage.

Can someone give some advice or maybe give us new ideas? Thank you very much!



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Hey Jordy!
I did a quote for Rosenlbv, 4 day disney with waterpark, rental car from MCO(assuming you will be flying in) and I got $3,813.72
Now how that compares to the others that will be up to you I used try using them for your trip to see the price comparisons! They are a discounted ticket, hotel and rental car outlet! VERY REPUTABLE


ALL STAR MUSIC- $3947.78 for same above

(hawthorne suites)WYNDHAMLBV- $3825.59 for same above
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RosenLBV is the best place to stay if you want to save money, it's close to Disney Springs(you could walk!) A lot of food around within walking distance! If ya need advice or help, Private Conversation me !
I have stayed here and its VERY NICE 3 Star GOOD NEIGHBOR Hotel! the shuttle is OK, but you plans above include a rental car for the entre time! Remember if you stay on property with a will have to pay an NIGHTLY fee which will add on another $200+ to your total! You will not be disappointed with RosenLBV
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