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Alcohol now served at all table service restaurants in Magic Kingdom - what about DL?

Should beer and wine be available at table service restaurants at Disneyland Park?

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I think it makes sense to preserve some of the integrity of the park and not have alcohol booths like DCA has, but at table service restaurants, it only makes sense to add alcohol.

To be honest, given the money maker alcohol tends to be, I'm shocked its taken them this long to add it.

Rich T

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BTW, can we hold Disney responsible for any DUI accidents caused by exiting guests? Humor me, I'm just trying to scare the Mouse Lawyers into raising red flags...


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Walt said in 1955
I could have got most of my costs back [on building Disneyland] with beer concessions alone. A lot of adults will come here, but Disneyland is primarily for children and I don't think kids and liquor mix

Walt said in 1956
No liquor, no beer, nothing. Because that brings in a rowdy element. That brings people that we don't want and I feel they don't need it. I feel when I go down to the park I don't need a drink. I work around that place all day and I don't have one

I these two quotes are anything to go off of, Walt was pretty against the idea of booze inside Disneyland.

Online, Walt is often treated as a god like figure who's ideals and practices are responsible for Disneyland being what it is today. Because of this, I'd like to think that he knew what's best in regards to drinking in the park.

But, he could have been wrong- and what people expect from an entertainment venue in 2018 is different than 1955. I'm just glad I'm not the one at Disney who has to make the decision, since it does go directly against Walt's wishes for the park.


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i feel the more relevant question should be, "why are alcoholic beverages not served?"

as we're all well aware, twdc is publically traded profit driven enterprise - even more obvious is the fact that serving alcohol at destinations to which people already flock is literally an effective get-rich-quick scheme.


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Personally I don't drink so I could care less. It takes all the alcoholics out of the ride lines so they wait two hours in line at the Cove Bar. If I had my choice, I would kept it out. Beer doesn't need to be everywhere like a family theme park. It will be a sad day when Adventure City start serving Bud.

Dr. Hans Reinhardt

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Nothing inherently wrong with alcohol but it doesn't need to be everywhere in the world. There are places it belongs and there are places it doesn't. A family theme park is one of the places it doesn't.
Out of curiosity, as the operator of a theme park like EPCOT or California Adventure, how would you speak to the local food cultures of places like Sonoma, France, Italy, or Spain where wine and beer play a big part in the food scene without alcohol?
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