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News Al Lutz Returns - Update: Page 18 Drama


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What more is there to discuss?

TP will talk, or not, when he’s ready. Or... not.

Everything from this point forward is pure speculation. There are no “bombshells!” about Troy anymore.

My takeaways:
-I have no faith in Micechat and even if I did, their behavior is inexcusable so I’m done with them.
-Spirit told us a bunch of true stuff mixed with tons of exaggerations and fallacies. Take what you will from his article.
-I think we’re going to get less information fed to us for the near future. Possibly because Disney doesn’t want it out and possibly because the leakers are chewing their fingernails hoping to not be exposed.

But the speculation is starting to get tiresome and a bit out of control. I think I’m gonna bow out until Troy hops on or something actually occurs.


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*Puts on tin foil hat*

Do we know Chapek was the one who slashed the budget?
Do we know he made the decisions at all?

We’ve all been coached to think a certain way.

As if we can believe “Al Lutz”. Whoever that is anymore.
Maybe the big Bob slashed the budgets and is now making little bob take the fall..... :eek:


Typically lifetime employees don’t leave of their own accord. However the recent Al article and medium article had nothing to do with it because it was far before that.

The Mom

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Anyways, the creator of the site you named and the creators of this site do not get along. Makes sense given the creator of that site is confrontational with everyone. So that site has become “the site that shall not be named”. That’s why you couldn’t link it.

Welcome aboard!
That's not the real story - but everyone seems to be gossiping these days. ;)


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Whatever the story is, the other site’s trash.
Clearly not a popular opinion here but I actually like that site. Not as a place for rumors, but for basically everything else -- they do a good job with the photo reports etc. letting you see what's currently going on at the parks and resorts. It's not somewhere I'd check every day, but if you're missing Disney a bit it's a great place to go get a temporary fix.


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Everyone needs to loosen their tinfoil hats this evening, it's getting too weird.

I've enjoyed this, and all the funny/kind notes sent my way. But it's now 6 o'clock and its time for today's cocktail. And I'm not saying that to be glib, or to advance some corporate faux persona conspiracy, it's because I honestly just need to take a step back from this madness and have a cocktail. :rolleyes:

I'm going to make myself a late summer Sazerac and season a NY strip and put on some classical. I wish many of my friends here could join me! We could talk about anything but TP2000 and Al Lutz and Zenia Mucha. We could talk about the Tomorrowland rocks or the crabby hostesses at Oga's Cantina, or anything but this at this point. Cheers!
I’m not sure we care. You should get used to that.

The Mom

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Ok. I just deleted a whole bunch of posts that were basically posters who came over from another website talking about what went on, and goes on, on that website. Which is the reason that "the site that shall not be named" is well, what it is. Too many people came over carrying tales.

Again, leave your drama behind you.


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I too want to ask, what is the end game here....

Going on a witch hunt for what? To out someone who may or may not have been who he says he is? So what....

Does it affect anyone's life if he wasn't truthful about who he was, NO! Does it affect his life if someone keeps prodding the herd to out him and get some kind of internet justice, YES! I'm sorry but there are a lot of crazy's out there on the net, not speaking about anyone here, just in general. So to tell people to "look up the information" for themselves on the persons history, address, phone number, etc. can potentially lead to someone in the real world getting hurt.

Wake up people, we're just pawns in what amounts to a ex's public spat on the internet. Don't fall into the trap of thinking this has some real affect on your real lives. This is a chat forum about an silly theme park, nothing more.

If you don't want to trust TP or anything he posts, then there is a lovely feature called Ignore. You can Ignore TP and just going about your normal forum experience without a second thought.

At this point everyone should just drop it and move on. I wouldn't want anyone to really get hurt in real life.
I think it’s funny how the core Disneyland forumers aren’t really the ones that have a problem with TP2000. It’s the WDWers, over someone who mainly posts about DLR
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