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AKV Kidani or CSR


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We will are currently booked at AKV Kidani September 5-11. We’re in a standard view studio. Just DH & me, we’re in our late 40’s. DH has never been to WDW. I’ve been watching for a savannah view but nothing is opening up under the package we have.

I’ve always wanted to stay at AKL and since it’s closed I settled in Kidani. The transportation doesn’t bother me. But since we can’t get a Savannah view I’m wondering if CSR would be a better bang for the buck. We aren’t interested in the tower rooms so it would be the older section.


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I would stay at Kidani over CSR any day. It’s worth the extra cost. Also you can request a partial savannah view at check-in and they may sprinkle some pixie dust your way. It’s happened for me before while staying in a standard view.

Edit to add: I’ve stayed at CSR and it was ok but you can’t beat the atmosphere at Kidani.

Gaston's gal

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I agree with MrsDouble. I have stayed at both and Kidani is top notch. Don't give up hope. As you get closer, something may open up. Enjoy your time at WDW!


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Stay at Kidani , you can see lots of animals around the lodge.

We stayed in Jambo House a couple of years ago and booked a standard room and was upgraded to Savannah at no cost.

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